Just checked out the CNGNOW.COM website.... After seeing Mc Clendon on TV!

Help secure financial incentives for:
Automakers to build CNG vehicles
Americans to buy CNG vehicles
Americans to convert vehicles to CNG
Fuel retailers to sell CNG
Homeowners to buy CNG home refueling units

Well, I guess we know how he plans to market the natural gas....he supports Boone Pickens and I believe the numbers he quoted for 10% of vehicles going CNG would save 50 billion a year (take that and times it up for a larger percentages and you get the picture in years to come.

I think it would only take 2 years to get the 50 billion in savings, in 4 years we could have 30% (= to 150 billion saved = 15 months in Iraq spending 10 billion a month)

What do you guys think of the website?
Did anyone see the commercial?

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I believe this is due to the fact that he stands to see huge profits on the first 50% and it will take much longer to reach payout on the latter 50% (wind). Which makes the whole plan appear to be much more altruistic, if one is focused on the wind portion; which is how it is being sold. If the huge financial upside were perfectly clear, it would be much harder to drum up support.

That being said I think he is on to the answer or headed in the right direction for a plan for energy independence.

However, CNG is no silver bullet. It should just be a bridge.



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