Speaking of "Frac"ing and using water.... the inverse Mega-watershed


check out the above website....I referred to it in a previous discussion on water scarcity issues and O&G exploration.... all joking aside this is the otherside of the coin.... technology isn't evil, but it's application can be ranked.

Track Record

Having discovered the Megawatershed phenomenon in 1987 (in the African Rift Valley), EarthWater's President, Robert Bisson, is the foremost author on and pioneer of modern "consolidated rock" groundwater exploration.

Bisson founded EarthWater Technology International, Inc., EarthWater's predecessor company, in 1993 to employ his Megawatershed exploration technology in developing large-scale, sustainable groundwater resources in diverse areas around the world.

EarthWater / Bisson have designed, financed and managed the only successful Megawatershed projects ever completed.

Wells Bisson directed currently pump in excess of 50 million gallons per day ("MGDs") globally.

A sample of projects completed by Bisson teams includes:

Trinidad (2002 - 2003): Discovered > 250 MGDs; produced 20 MGDs within two years

Tobago (2000 - 2001): Discovered > 50 MGDs; produced 5 MGDs within one year

Sudan (USAID, 1987 - 1990): Discovered more than 10 MGDs; No production wells drilled; project terminated by the US State Department after the 1989 coup d’etat

Somalia (USAID, 1984 - 1986): Discovered 20 MGDs; produced 2.0 MGDs within one year; civil war put project into Force Majeure

Seabrook, NH (1981): Discovered and produced 1.5 MGDs within one year

Salem, NH (1981): Discovered and produced 2.0 MGDs within one year

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Exploration and Development

EarthWater Global draws on data generated from a variety of technologies, developed for and used by the oil and gas industry, to locate and develop Megawatershed resources on a low-cost, sustainable basis.

The exploration and development process involves the use of modern technologies including:

Satellite imagery
High and low altitude surveys, and radar imagery
Tectonic fabric analysis and modeling
Sophisticated geological, geophysical and hydrological mapping

(I guess I'm that big a dork this kinda stuff fascinates me.)

just wondering if there are any differences in their approach to retrieve water and the approach of O & G companies?


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