I spent some of our Haynesville shale money wisely. Right after I got the new truck and bass boat I carried my wife to Shreveport and got he a set of big honking breast implants. We refer to them as her Haynesville Hooters.

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pics please........lol.....
Yeah Bill I'd like to see the truck an'bass boat too.. lol
Wow, how nice. I do have a question did you receive a check by (certified mail) or did you go to the location to pick it up? How long does it take to receive Haynesville Shale money?

I can surely use an extra cut size. LOL!

We received our bonus by wire. I can't remember the exact number of days, but it was within 2 weeks. We signed with Petrohawk back in May. Can't say how the other companies handle their payments but I know that it has been discussed in another thread on this website.
Thank you getoverit, I will continue to search the HS site to find the information. You are lucky. I wish my siblings had the opportunity to choose instead of my aunts signing with the first company that approached them...

Really sucks.
Yeah, we really are lucky. We have sort of an advantage though. My husband's aunt is a private landman with her own business. She owns land in the same area as my husband, so she keeps us informed of everything that is going on around us and called us as soon as Petrohawk came a knockin'.
you should have taken out a home improvement loan years ago to buy your wife those hooters. My friend did and he said they sure improved the look and feel of his home!!
Hope you kept Uncle Sams cut!
Sir, I have tears in my eye's right now, this might be one of the mosting touching post I have ever read.
You leadership in showing us other men how to spend our shale money cannot be measured in words.

I do have one question? which do you like the most. The Bass boat or the Hooters.
The bass boat probably. Mine is already fussing he can't get that big bass boat in Bistineau. He needs a "draw down" boat too! Men!
Hey Taylor,
I got my boat in. I just had to call a tow truck to get it out. You know how we men are. I said that boat ramp look's a little steep but it can be done. I back it down and had that Uh, Oh moment to late.
Good to know! I guess he really needs a smaller boat too if they decide to draw the lake down every single year.


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