I spent some of our Haynesville shale money wisely. Right after I got the new truck and bass boat I carried my wife to Shreveport and got he a set of big honking breast implants. We refer to them as her Haynesville Hooters.

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Thats it, get her looking good so when than younger man comes by she will relieve you of that worry on where to spend all that money.
I won't get much, but after I pay taxes and tithe I will pay off what few little bills I have and share the rest with my kids. I am just an old country gal that loves her simple life. I will admit that a new bass boat would be nice too, heck I would settle for a flat bottom boat!!LOL
M. Wren .
will you pay tithes based on.... before taxes or after taxes?
amen wren
That's actually really smart!

You definitely want to know that you are contributing in a way that does effect the lives of other people.

I haven't cashed in yet (may not get much) but hopefully I will rebound next year financially as I would like to get some clean water infrastructure in our rural and at-risk areas.... check out the enviromental group and some of the posts on there...

As far as your 'Jimmy Swaggart-esque" pastors... that is a common story...

The Osteens have gotten really $uccessful as well, but I honestly think they might need the protection of a gated home... as that mail bomb was pretty nasty a few years back. There are crazy people that want to do bad things to prominent figures (religious and political), but it doesn't sound like that is your pastors' problem. More likely, those who may (want/occasionally think about) harming your pastors might have a reason!
Heck, we're not all that fancy ourselves. We're looking to move out to the country, build us a log house, and buy us some animals (goats, chickens, cows, etc). Probably start us a garden. I'm even considering homeschooling our youngest daughter. We've had it with city life...crime, corruption, noise. Time to get back to the basics. =)
Been there done that. Lived in the city all my life got tire of it moved out to the country never been happier.
Ok, I may have been happier but not about living in the city.
Sounds like a good plan.
Sounds good. wherever you land, keep an eye out for your water rights and quality....

Those animals can come in handy if your kids are into FFA/AG, my cousin got 30K for college raising a lamb and some chickens.... I wish I had done that instead of marching band!
Well Hello Bubbles.
I like the name. It did not it happened today just about two week ago. I look pretty stupid with a poontoon boat hooked up to my truck with a wrecker pulling me out. He Haw He Haw.



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