Does anyone know where any of these are located in Texas/Names of towns.I'm trying to find out for my brother.

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Corpus Christi, TX
T Boone is building his in Pampa. I have a friend with a 4500 acre ranch NW of San Angelo that he just leased for a wind farm.
I was in Colorado City, Tx. Sept. 1 hunting doves and,according to my friend there, T. Boone owns 63,000 acres that he WILL NOT put a wind turbine on. He's leasing other peoples' land, supposedly for wind farms, but the local's say that what he is really after is the water rights. Seems there is a huge acquifer under ground out there and T. B. gets the rights and access to it when you lease to him. Ultimate goal is to pipeline it north and east where he believes clean, pure water will be very scarce and valuable in the future. Just the local talk out there.......
Head west out of Abilene on I-20. If you miss them, your sleeping. South of Sweetwater towards San Angelo. Stanton Tx by Midland. South of Midland towards Rankin. All around Iraan Tx. Outside Sterling City towards Robert Lee.
There are several located in Erath County, near Dublin, Tx, and around LaMesa, TX. Some residents in Erath County are fighting to keep the turbins out of their area, because some of the financially poor landowners are selling their land rights without reading the 'fine print.' I understand that it take 40 acres per turbine.
Thank ya'll very much for the information.My brother is wanting to take my adopted nephew to see some.He is 11 yrs. and he is very interested in them.My brother has never seen them either. Thank you again.
here is another source for you guys:

and some footage from TX windfarms:
McCamey, Texas a little town south of Midland-Odessa has a bunch of them.
Northeast of Abiliene, west of Albany


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