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I think John needs to get his BIG MARKER OUT NOW and MAKE THEM FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
McCain should Slam these clowns! I puked in my mouth when I watched that Video!
They just Pulled it off YOUTUBE!
Bill your link still brings me to it.
Natch N3
Any who says the democrats didnt cause this is delusional, the truth hurts!
my question is why is McCain not using this or the republicans why why I downloaded it on my computer so if it goes I will upload it again. And check this one out
Here is one on his socialism BELIEF
This could be the election breaker, I just cant believe this isnt out everywhere.
I send FOX this video and ask them why they are not reporting the truth. This is the one that was removed from youtube but the auther put it back on there good for him.
We got into this position Robert because good poeple didnt complain enough and pay attention enough.


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