Is Everyone happy with the decision they made to lease or not after a legitimate offer was made?

First my personal story; I have a small amount of acreage in a few different areas and I leased some early and held out on a little and I did not sign a lease as of yet and even if I had it would not have meant that much money to me overall to my current financial position. I am happy because I did not get taken advantage of but also feel I will be waiting now for what looks like an extended period of time for this to get back on track. I guess when making decisions and giving advice some on this site may not be able to comprhend all possible scenarios when saying what not to do and why. Given what we know now how does everyone feel and this goes to the advice givers as well.
I am just curious as to what you guys and gals are thinking about the information and guidance you have received over the past months and how it affected your decision making process on what to do or not to do and most of all are you happy with your decision?

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I am very happy I leased when I did. They will be back, but it may be years for some people
I am extremely happy that I leased when I did, draft cleared bank about a month ago. Best of luck to everyone else.
I am happy, check cleared this morning. To God be the glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u can say that again !
OK,I will, to God be the glory!!!!!!!! What a ride I had to this done.
Good news is, the gas isn't going anywhere (even though we are) and right now CNG is the best alternative to ever more scarce oil (that is unless the world's economy comes to a halt which I highly find unlikely.) I think it goes back to being happy with what you have and not being unhappy with what you have not. So maybe my kids see the benefits?
Tickled pink.
We have received one offer, which after research we felt was rediculously low. After learning what is going on in East Texas, we felt that the company making the offer was trying to take advantage of our lack of knowledge. Now, we have learned much and are refusing the offer. We are perfectly happy with our decision. We believe there is little doubt that we will eventually receive a fair offer. We are not so sure that we believe in all the doom and gloom predictions of having to wait "an extended period of time". Maybe it depends on what one considers an extended period of time. Also, I have great confidence in the fact that we are located in the Haynesville Shale area. From what I have read, the oil/gas companies may be curtailing their leasing, but it does not necessarily mean they are curtailing in the Haynesville Shale area. As a matter of fact, Plains Exploration and Production Co. has publicly stated, as recently as Oct. 8, 2008, they are selling their interest in West Texas so that they could "focus on the growing Haynesville shale in East Texas and Louisiana."
Mucho abundance!
Mike, I think that you should take what ever offer feels right for you. The day we signed, shell offered us a $1,000.00 more and acre. I do not think that we would have taken the offer had we not signed, because we were comfortable with our offer from the gas compay. Good Luck to you.
Just received my check last week. $20,000/25%, T16NR16W, Sec 1. So glad we did not hold out for more. Not part of a group. Just called myself and talked to the land company representing Chesapeake. The Lord answers prayers in unexpected ways!
We were very fortunate to have been in on the height of the bidding frenzy for our property. We sold it eight years ago and retained the minerals. We signed with Petrohawk for $25,000/ac & 25% royalties for a two year lease. We were paid by draft that went thru with no cost to us and no hassle. This is very fortunate since a week ago last Thursday I was laid off. I am looking for employment and can be a litle selective at what I want to do. Worked with an engineering firm in the construction of Ethanol plants and we all know what happened to those projects, came to a schreeching halt. Good luck to all those that have not signed yet. This is a great site for info and humor when your spirits are down, its got some real characters on it.


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