things have changed alot in the last year haven't they
first off a lease is a binding contract that can last longer than you. This contract is binding even if it is not filed because it is a defect on the title to the land. In other words you don't have clear title to the minerals when you sell your land .if you sell your land reserve your minerals anyway. If you have signed a lease giving the surface to china to them then they can assign the shallow rights to someone else and hold the lease forever as long as there is production believe me I know,
Now if the amount they paid you is sufficent for the rest of your life and your childrens read no further.
If you want to play the the game you need to know the rules hire a oil@ gas law firm or learn oil @ gas law at least to speake the language .they are not out to be your friend . Most don't have the experieince to know what they are really doing any way.
Wait for the 2nd wave of leasing it will be as good or not better.

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So. How do you hire a gas law firm; Turns out, payment has been made from various companies for the last 10 years on property I have mineral rights to. Please help
I think Skip should be able to help out, check with him. 80)


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