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At least she doesn't take herself too seriously!
Hey Parker,
I only saw bit's and pieces until now Tina is so spot on it's scary. That was funny I'm glad she is able to make fun of herself she looked more comfortable on the set than Alec Baldwin did.
I've heard about the other spots. I don't even know who Tina is, but I googled it this morning when I read about it in the news.

I just had to share it.
She seem's very comfortable in front of camera unlike McCain and W.
I think Barack could do it as well.
I read that earlier in the campaign Barack was slated to appear but he
backed out.
It was great. I'm a longtime Tina Fey fan and when Gov Palin got the nod, the first thing I thought of was how much alike she and Tina looked. I think Gov Palin did a great job. Took guts on one of the biggest left-wing shows there is.
I want to learn the rap song that was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I just watch a movie with both these girls in it (Baby Moma) it was funny I didn't know it was Tina Fay when we were watching the movie and I told my husband that women looks like Sara Palin LOL


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