A group has formed and is meeting Thursday night at 6 PM at Lighthouse Baptist Church at 235 Flournoy Lucas Rd in the gym. This will be our 3rd meeting and it is not too late to join us. We are, thus far, for the Forbing area and surrounding sections. Sections 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 of T16N R14 W & 13W. We are still gathering info from property owners. The group has reached a concensus that we do not at this time wish to hire a negotiator or attorney. Please plan to attend if you are in this area and have not leased your property. Contact 687-3462 for info.

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Tommy I'm in section 8 16n 13w do I qualify for this?
We're in 22-16N-14W? What is your target for acre and royalties? have ~17 acres
Paul and Gatorguy, we are accepting property all over south Caddo Parish. We are led to believe that the O&G Companys are usually willing to accept "non-contiguous" property. You're welcome to come and then decide. Look forward to meeting ya'll. Let me know who you are when you get there. I'm the old, overweight, bald preacher that will have a microphone.
Work allowing I will be there.
I have about 1.67 acres in Forbing in Wallace Lake Heights area. I live in Brookwood area now and have signed up here for my home, but I signed up with you all for that property. Should I be in two different groups, and consolidate to only one group? Thanks


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