My name is Gregory Kallenberg and I've received a grant to film a documentary on the Haynesville Shale and the people in the area.

I'm interested in interviewing people who have signed leases as well as people who are holding out. I am interested in following individuals through the process of leasing as well as following them as their land gets drilled. I am also interested in talking to those who have interesting opinion of what's going on.

You must have land in the Haynesville shale area.

If you think you have an interesting story to tell and would like to appear in my film, please message me on I look forward to talking to you.

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Our group, The Shreveport-Blanchard Highway Homeowners Association, may be willing to talk to you. We have something very interesting happening in our neighborhood now. Arnie Castellano and Associates is buying up mineral rights for $15,250 an acre and 25% royalty. He expects 5% of your sign up bonus but none of your royalty. His contract spells out just what to expect from him, ie., I will be selling your mineral rights to the highest bidder and what I receive from the O&G companies or the terms that I negotiate will be none of your business.
The lease is for 3 years with a 2 year option. If the lease is renewed, he will receive another 5% of the sign up bonus.
Thanking you for your consideration.
Cathy Hauser
BUYING? not leasing?
leasing the mineral rights.
5% is high
On second thought, maybe you will want to interview Mr. Arnie Castellano and get his take on this.
Exactly my thoughts. People have no idea who will be drilling in their area. They will not have any "safe guards" to protect their property. His kind really don't care. It is about the money and forget what it will do to harm us in the long run.
What people don't understand is that they can be connected to this guy for the 20-30 years that the Haynesville Shale is in production. Every 3 years, Whammm! another 5%.
A lot of foolish people were signing up with the largest smiles on their faces I have ever seen. Let's see if they are still smiling in a few months!

Thanks for your response (and thank you to everyone else who is E-mailing me)!

I think this sounds pretty interesting as a part of what I'm trying to do. Do you have a contact number and/or E-mail for him?

I'd also like to talk to you and some of your neighbors about what's going on in your area. Do you think there's a time we could meet and discuss you, the community and this opportunity?

Also, do you have other neighbors or friends in the area that are interesting and are in the same situation? Are there any upcoming neighborhood meetings I could attend?

E-mail me on and I'll send you my number (I don't want to put it out here on discussion board) so we can discuss things further.
Thanks Pam. I'll look him up. Anyone know of any neighborhood meetings or get togethers that I could attend?
Our association is meeting with an attorney Thursday 5:30, but we don't have another meeting scheduled as of now.

Can you contact the group and see if I could come down and attend? I'd love to film you guys through the process. Let me know.
I will let you know.
Mr. Kallenberg,

I did enjoy reading your story about the downtown area of Shreveport and I believe you have a great idea for a documentary. I love watching documentaries myself. I’m just asking you….please do not make it look like we are a bunch of rednecks. I'm not trying to be rude, we just get enough negative PR as it is in Louisiana and I would hate for an opportunity like this to come across as an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies. Thanks and Good Luck!


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