Petro Hawk Meeting - Bistineau Lake Area - Bossier Parish

7/8/08 Petro Hawk offered landowners around the Bistineau Lake Dam $10,000.00 per acre Bonus for 3 yrs. $10,000.00 per acre for 2yr. Or a straight 5 year lease for $15,000.00 per acre. Chesapeake also now interested in this area, and was offering $12,000.00 per acre. This area is not far from Petor Hawk's new test well which is 3 mi south of the corner or Hwy 157 and Hwy 527, on Hwy 157.

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Can you be more specific on the location or provide a source for the info? Is this near Lake Bistineau state park? If so, that is in Webster parish not Bossier.
The area is at the south end of Lake Bistineau around the dam. The streets are Lalo, Evangeline, etc off of Fairview Point Rd. Bossier Parish
Thank you for clarification.
Wonder if this is also on the Bienville side.
At this time I do not think it is on the Bienville side. Here is the name of the landman from Acadian Land Services - Richard Bond - 861-0466 - Representing Petro Hawk Energy, who held the meeting. Anyone intersted can give him a call. Be sure to have your land description ready to give to him.
Good luck
It is also on the Bienville side, however the pricing has always been different due to its distance from the Bossier production. I work with Richie at Acadian and manage the other side of the lake. Please consult my profile for contact info, or you can always call the number listed above in "Cross Creek's" post.



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