Can someone help me to know what or where this map I have is talking

about and does anyone have a letter from bob anderson on talking of a forced pool and so on...I can email a copy if need be but I really need to understand this because it looks pretty omonous....thanks for any help you could give me...Patti

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Patti, Can you post the map on here or do you need an outside email address?
Well I don't know if I can on here or not but if you give me your email address personally I am sure I can figure it out or at least I hope to and do you know anything about the letter I am talking about and are you in oil and gas ventures????? I would appreciate any help you can give on this as I don't understand it at all...thanks Patti
Winchester Production Co. has been represented in commissioner public hearings by Bob F. Anderson, P.E., Inc. The letter and map you've got is a notice of an application for a public hearing for unit operations, or for forming a unit from a well. The letter should refer to the well name, or it will at least show the Section Township Range (which you are probably in, since you got one of the letters.). Tell us what the map covers, what the well designation is, someone can maybe look it up on the Sonris website.
Don't won't to put it on here can you give me a private email because people on here most of them will not be able to understand it anymore than I do...all I know is the letter also makes reference to force pool and I don't like the sounds of that..
You think everybody on here is unable to understand a standard letter that is sent to everyone on an interested parties list in an area? I hardly think so.
Jaybird sent you a regular email with map thanks


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