I'm curious to know what is everyones opinion on when Chesapeake and Petrohawk reveal more well results. Any thoughts are welcome....

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I think it is Chesapeake that is paying the fines for not reporting..... but either way, a previous post is right, one "dry" hole won't slow down the per acre because the expectation is already there. Say there is a dry hole and the companies come out with half the bonus money - nobody would lease for a long while until they are sure it doesn't go up again. The companies don't want this gap in leasing because it slows any further development not just the Haynesville. Also, the stock price will fall like a rock. So my opinion is that bad well info doesn't benefit any side here, so most will be buried for now. You will really start to see bad news as they define the "four corners" of the play on the fringes.
I have already heard a rumor of a dry hole north of shreveport, north of I-220. But I would have to know a lot more about it before I would believe it, such as was it vertical or horizontal and how deep did it go. However, I also believe there is a strong chance that the rumor mill will be used to distribute dis-information in an effort to scare the landowners into thinking the companies might go away if they don't hurry up and sign.
I heard that same story but no concrete information.
I'm curious about a well that Ches. was drilling south of Greenwood on HW 169 just before it meets Providence Road. It is right behind the church there. We have land not far from there. Don't know if it is vert. or horiz. and if finished what results are. How can I find out. Does it have to be reported somewhere.
You can check it out on the Sonris Lite website. I believe it's the Roy O Martin well in Sec. 23, 16N, 16W based on earlier posts that I've read. Just click on Wells by Section, Township, and Range.
Thanks, that's a great help, apparently it is waiting on completion. I will keep watch as it will have affect on our area.
You're welcome. I've been keeping an eye on it myself. Our property is about 3 miles SW of there.
I would like to hear from anyone who knows more about these fines that companies have to pay for not reporting on the wells. I heard that they are fined $50,000/day. Is there any truth to that, or does anyone know the correct amount?


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