Does anyone have more hard data than speculation? I know everyone wishes we had more to hang our hats on at the moment. Wouldn't it be wonderful when negotiating your lease the O&G Co. would give you their data? That would be fair. But everyone at a certain age learns life isn't always fair.

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Is there a place to find data for Texas Haynesville Shale wells?
hey martates can i get a link to the hard data for texas? thanks
This will give you all the available info for wells in your area. Hope it helps.
I found some info on Sonris about a well in the Ida area drilled in the 80s. It was perforated at 10657 and 10805 and it says "Haynesville". I don't know if that is shale or sand though. Does anyone know? It looks like it produced pretty well for a while. The s/n is 175453.

That seems to be further north than what I have seen on maps indicating the supposed area for the Haynesville shale.

Potentially good news for Ida?

BTW - we saw that big flare on 237467 the other night from Hwy 71 and thought the whole bottoms was on fire.


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