"Black Gold" on TRU Network at 10 PM Wednesday Night(s).

Does any one else watch this network program? You can pick up on a lot of terminology and see how the drilling process actually works. Pretty Good Stuff!!!!

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I have property in Provencal and have been ask to join a land pool. I think it is a bit too early to pool. I was told by a mayor of a nearby town that the lease "HAWGS" would be out again, and in Provencial, knocking on doors. I have not heard of any offers yet. Messenger well will dictate when, where and how much the offers will go. Looks like Messenger is going Horz. and that will raise the stakes.
but for the most part--kinda gives ya an idea of what goes on
I have watched the show....and im definetly no expert on drilling but i did see that kids finger hanging off and have some personal friends with similar injuries..one guy i know even lost his leg........I dont think that guy got his finger hung in there to increase the TV ratings.....say what you want to but that does go down on some rigs....at certain times, alot of it could be the "REALITY TV" coming out but the principal of what they are doing is very informative to the average person....
Is this show still being aired? It's still on the truTV website, but I don't see it on the current tv schedule.
I work in the oil field as do many others in central louisiana. The black gold TV show is totally bogus in my opinion as to what really goes on with daily drilling operations. The company would be fined and insurance dropped with all the unsafe work conditions. Most modern company's now if they are worth anything don't put up with the verbal abuse from overbearing men like seen on black gold. So don't think that this stuff goes on with most drilling operations that might be in your area. They should act like professional people just like any other job that requires safety for co-workers and the environment.


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