Big Encana Haynesville Shale News on Monday Excellent test wells, news of going up on the number of rigs in the area to over 10 rigs and an acreage update

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is encana the same thing as shell?
Where is Encana focused in their drilling?
As said above, Encana and Shell are working 50/50.

Quote from Floyd Wilson, CEO Petrohawk below regarding Encana/Shells progress in the area.

"Shell tested a vertical well on the southern edge of Sabine Parish, he said, at 3 million per day from the Bossier and another 3 million from the Haynesville that commingled for a total of 4- to 6 million cubic feet per day.
"From a vertical well bore that is almost unheard of from a shale well"
The well in section 19 was at 7MMcf but they are holding it at 1.5MMcf.
TBam, are you referring to the Charles Groben #1 in Martin? How did you get the flow rate?
Does anyone know where the supposedly excellent test wells are located? This could be really good news for the people that have property on the southern fringe.
Encana shows on their website to have a presentation to give in Calgary, Alberta at the 20th annual CAPP Oil and Gas Investment Symposium. It is supposed to detail their performance, strategy and outlook. They have some positive information on their website under resource plays. There is no well results but they appear to be excited about what they have found so far which appears to be mainly in East Texas.
Just got a call saying that Encana has approached a guy in Sabine who owns alot of land with a figure of 7500/acre. Says they are offering 7500 for anything in the HShale. I don't have any contact numbers but it's a positive sign for Sabine.
Any idea which part of Sabine?
the guy they aproached owns land throughtout sabine parish but said they were interested in anything in hshale.
Given the magnitude of the profits these companies will make I think settling for less than $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 per acre signing bonus and 25% royalty is not a good idea.

good article with a graph that shows the various formations and contains other information.


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