Big Encana Haynesville Shale News on Monday Excellent test wells, news of going up on the number of rigs in the area to over 10 rigs and an acreage update

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Stated Just now at the coference in Denver

Haynesville Shale potential could rival Barnett Shale
In the emerging Haynesville Shale, EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. acquired its first leases in 2005, drilled its first three vertical wells in 2006, and has been continually acquiring land. In 2007 EnCana Oil & Gas signed a 50/50 joint exploration agreement with Shell Exploration & Production, a division of Royal Dutch Shell. To date the companies have drilled three vertical and two horizontal wells and are currently operating two rigs in the area. EnCana plans to operate five rigs by year-end and it is in an industry-leading position in the play.

"EnCana is a leader in finding and developing natural gas resource plays, evidenced by the fact that we have captured large positions in substantially all of the major unconventional gas plays in North America. The potential of the Haynesville Shale play was established in February with the completion of our first horizontal well. The gas well flowed at an initial production rate of more than 8 MMcf/d, which would rank it amongst the most productive Barnett Shale wells. The Haynesville Shale is on the verge of transforming from an emerging play to one of significant commercial development, rivaling the quality and scope of the Barnett Shale play," said Jeff Wojahn, Executive Vice-President and President, USA Division

Where was this first horizontal well placed?
It looked like from the map that the other well was in Sabine and was producing greater than 5 this what you saw?

CHK and HK had really nice % gains today.
Ditto today



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