Does anyone have a list of the local phone numbers and contacts for oil and gas companies working the HS?

I am trying to find the local number for Petrohawk. I want to see if they will beat the offer from Chesapeake. If so, I will post to let everyone know.


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Oh wow, Thanks Coonman :o)
Wow, are very resourceful!
I been here since day one I have seen alot lol
Thanks Coonman, you da' man when it comes to connections. This kind of info may be all over the site but I haven't seen it and it makes it easier to have it in one place so that I can find it and we can refer others to this discussion. Thanks again.
I'm from Sabine and trying to find out which companies in Sabine have leased with landowners. Anyone know?
I was dealing with somebody about land in Sabine Parish. I got an email telling me Chesapeak will not be leasing in Sabine Parish ay more as of Monday.
I want to believe they are just telling me that to make me sign before Monday. I don't know.
I don't like games so I contacted Petrohawk to see if they want to make me an offer. I'm waiting for return call from them.
I was just going to take their offer and be happy but now I'm not so sure.
According to State of Louisiana Mineral Board, you are definately on the Haynesville Shale. Use this time to get organized and gain knowledge. They will ALL be knocking on your door before this thing is over. Just don't get in a hurry. Speed kills.


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