Anyone have any dealings with them and how big a player are they
in this shale. I haven't heard too much about them but I might have
missed something.

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xto is a $25 billion company, and, is a member of the s&p 500.
for more info, here is a link to their stock on yahoo finance:
does anyone know if xto has recently purchased leases in natch. parish that anadarko had? i was told this a couple of days ago by someone that works for xto. i looked at court house nothing has been filed yet.
It may take a while for them to record the documents. They will hold large leasehold interest in the NE portion of the shale. XTO ain't no lightweight.
One of the nicest landmen that you will ever meet works for XTO, Caryn Kosper. From what I hear, her brother Roc is the same.
I will do that just as soon as I am through with them!
You've missed a Lot! They bought privately held Hunt Petroleum for 4.19 billion..BIG player
I have been doing business with XTO about 10 years in North Shongaloo Field. They are an excellent rapidly growing company. Personally, I think they are the best. They are 2nd only to Chesapeake in the number of drilling rigs in operation in continental U.S. Their employees know there business. I am glad to say I bought stock in company about 5 yrs. ago. They are big players in Barnett shale and Fayetteville shale.
I dealt briefly with Caryn far, she is the nicest person I have dealt with so far in the land leasing saga! Very helpful and got my land description to the proper people who make the decisions.

Claiborne Parish...XTO will come around shortly! :o) I hope.

Are they, XTO doing anything in South Desoto or Sabine Parish areas.
Yes, they will be all over the map in a short period of time.
Are you leasing for XTO? I spoke with them a few weeks ago and their "buy zone" was about 15 miles north of me. I have land in south Sabine and was hoping you could let me know if their buy zone had changed. Thanks
At present we have declined about 10 different companys that want us to lease the shale. I have done work for XTO in the past but that was North of Ruston. This shale play is going too fast for us, $1000 one day $5000 the next and $10,000 the next. How can I tell the landowner what went wrong and why they only got $1000. I don't want to fade that heat and get labeled as someone that takes advantage of people. It is best for me to stay out until the price hits the top and levels. I could have made a million dollars in the first month when I found out about the HS but thats not my MO. I am overpaid as it is for what I do, BS with people that I like all day long, who could ask for anything more. My boss once said to me "You would do this for nothing" and I replied "Yes I would under the right conditions". XTO is a good company and you want go wrong leasing to them.


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