How to find out if a well is still in production?

How do you find out if a well is still in production.? My friend lives in Acadiana place that was developed around 1993 from farm land. He has been told that the residents do not have the mineral rights because of a well on some of the land outside the subdivision.

He is trying to determine if the 10 year no production issue comes in to play.


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What I did for my section is go to SONRIS lite and click on the feature for Wells by Section, Township, Range by Parish. I entered the numbers in the fields, and it gave me a list, with codes for status, of the wells in my section.
Thanks, sesport. I knew someone would know how to locate this info! This is just another example of why this site was help keep one another informed!
Tell him to check his mail. If he is in production he better be getting royalty checks.
This might be where the other shoe drops ... again. Is there a chance it was HBP and the developer reserved mineral rights?


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