There is a large emerging coalition forming in the Haughton area, The EAST 80 OIL AND GAS COALITION. Anyone with small or large acres of land from where 220 intersects with Hwy 80 at La Downs all the way East to Hwy 157 who is searching for a group to join should visit the website ( KEEP YOUR FULL BONUS AND ROYALTIES $$$$$$

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on there web site they have a meeting for aug. 10 4 pm. at the vfw on jeter st. in bossier thats off hwy 80 (texas st.) they also have directions on there site.
This is the mapquest link with directions. Driving west on 80, it is the third street past Meadowview Drive on the right. is now reporting TWO meetings this weekend. I've posted on the event page the info.
East 8o coalition on front page of Bossier Press Tribune today.
What was the gist?
Moe,It Got about a Half page with a picture of ERIC sorry to say I haven't read it- check their website.
I wanted ton organize my area, (east 80) but had no idea how to go about it. I found this wonderful website and found someone actually doing something and signed up with them. Thanks for explaining why we went LLC. I dont think people really understand. Something happened in one of the Barnett Shale neighborhoods and some people got sued (One of the lawyers that was only helping to organize free of charge) We did not want the same thing to happen to us, so that is why we went LLC, for protection from litigious people. They are doing a tremendous job, thanks Eric and Robert!!
Two meetings this weekend added to events page for EAST 80 Oil and Gas Leasing Coalition.


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