there are a few plugged wells/dry holes in the area from 1994...any chances of renewed interest on obtaining a lease...I think I`m probably out of the money but any comments are appreciated...

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Gary, I have land in Claiborne Parish and may be out of the money, too. At this time I don't think they know for sure exactly where the shale ends. They're doing a lot of drilling and seismic testing in Claiborne so I'm hopeful. If nothing else, the quality if information being shared on this site certainly can be helpful to anyone leasing regardless of the HA Shale.
Hello Mr. Walker,

Welcome to the discussion.I have heard of offers a little more south of you,but I certainly wouldn't give up hope.As this play started to come about and become more public,some of the original lands that were included in play are no longer in play.According to the powers that be,even the Minden area is no longer being considered"for now".I am a few miles south of Minden and the leasing has slowed here as well.Nobody has a crystal ball but I am sure the boundaries are going to change numerous times before this is over.Some areas will shrink while others may expand.It may be too deep in some areas right now but as energy costs continue to rise it will make some places more attractive then they previously were.I wouldn't be surprised if after the next set of well numbers are released"if they are good" we will see a flurry of activity in these "fringe areas".If there is any question as to the availability of gas/oil in an area I believe that it will get picked up.It just makes sense to get the for sures before you reach for the outer limits.

If you would like to be a part of our group please e-mail me at
We may not know the outer limits for some time but we would rather find out for sure before giving away our rights and then finding out it was gold.If you are not being approached,what do you have to lose.Inform yourself and your neighbors.We need to be ready before we get a knock on the door.

There are no fees whatsoever associated with our group.You won't have to pay us to look out for you.Our group of landowners has expanded three fold in the last month and as time gets nearer the group will continue to expand.The bigger the better.I love "fringe".Fringe property on the Barnett has been worth a bundle.Much more then the Heart of this play sofar.Only time will tell.
Thanks for the invite and I gratefully accept.



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