Mad Money with Jim Cramer- Petrohawk CEO "These boys ain't stupid"

Check out the discussion. This might be the calm before the storm.

Can I borrow some money to buy some stock? I want 100,000 shares of CHK and HK. LOL

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Woo HOO!!!
Anyone lending money to Taylor can also lend money to Mom... I want stock too! Maybe the dividends earned from that will help put gas in my car so I can go to work everyday. :)
Girls , Girls...... We can't get anybody to come lease our land! Who's gonna loan US some money,cause if yall gonna get some I'm gonna get some too!Thats how these partnerships work....PARTNERS!!!!

Have a good evening ladies! Sleep tight, don't let the Shale bugs bite!
I have had call options HK since $27. Nat Gas stock did very well on Friday considering the market meltdown.


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