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$$$$$ Your Area & Your Lease offers As of July 14th $$$$$$ moving froward

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Yes, but I am in DeSoto Parish, Stonewall area. Their last offer was $16,000 but the royalty is still at 25%.
THanks, we have 22 acres on the border of Keithville and Shreveport. Can you give me the O&G company who gave you this offer? We have been working with Chesapeake.
It was XTO. Chesapeake is deciding what they want to do about it.
On another board here, I just asked Shale Geo if he knew what kind of lease offers have been made in our area.
Have you been dealing with Roc Cosper from XTO?
Is Roc Cosper who you have been dealing with from Chesapeake?
What area and o/g company? Sounds great to me. TCB
Have offers stoped?
any Idea what $7500 per acer last week should be worth this week?
17.5 to 21 per acre on the Ellerbe Road area.
which campanies are offering this?
Which part of Ellerbe Road?


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