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$$$$$ Your Area & Your Lease offers As of July 14th $$$$$$ moving froward

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T13 R10 Sec 27: (North Red River Perish) I have been following all this for weeks now. I have 3 acres and my father has 6. We want to sign in 30-60 days and get $20,000 per acre at 25-27% . We heard we are in a hot area. (Our nieghbor has gas seeping out of the ground) We may also what to join with others. Most everyone around us has signed last month for 4K-6K and they just issued permits and forced pooling 2 mi east of us. Wish us luck.
How can you tell when gas is seeping from the ground?
They had an area of ground that would never dry out. Somehow they think/heard/foundout it was gas. ( Sounds like a spring to me) but I got this info second hand from my mother who lives across the street from my nieghbor.
Sorry Duster, but anything seeping out of the ground can not be any indication of producable natural gas.
IM in township 17 RGE 15 sec 30 Have heard this is a good place to be. Anyone know if this in in the good part of the Shale?
Ask this to Jay the Geologist in his group.
How many acres do you have? Mind asking which company you signed with?
Has anyone received a monthly royalty check or heard of the estimated amount? Just curious with the price of Nat. gas going up what people are receiving from the haynesville shale per acre on monthly royalty?
Dont think anyone knows yet because no one has got anything yet. I am wondering about the town of Greenwood though. Have not heard much talk about Greenwood area. Did hear of one person turning down 8k an acre. Anyone hear anything about Greenwood area.
Hmm 1950? Well maybe everyone has not leased.At least one person turned down 8k for sure. And im another one who has not leased so some land is open.
I also have land ( 120 acres) that is open. Current offer is 15k 27.5 royalty
Which company gave your this offer?


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