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$$$$$ Your Area & Your Lease offers As of July 14th $$$$$$ moving froward

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Was told by a lady yesterday that her sister who lives on ellerbe road got 15777.00 for one ancre and 25%.She was not sure which oil company it was. But goog news for sure.
Can anyone please give me a number and name to a Petrohawk landman. Have land in this area and very interested in working with this group. Thank you.
Petrohawk phone # is 318-415-0330--Shreveport Office.
The offer in Dogwood Park is good from now until July 14th. I've already got two of my neighbors steamed at me for not signing the proposed Twin Cities Lease in the Dogwood Subdivision in Haughton. It appears our Homeowners Association negotiated the following deal:

1) 25% royalty
2) 3 year primary lease term with 2 year option. The option payment will be equivalent to the primary term.
3) $8,750 per net mineral acre signing bonus (if 90% or more of Dogwood Homeowners lease to Twin Cities)
4) $6,000 per net mineral acre signing bonus (if 80% or more of Dogwood Homeowners lease to Twin Cities)
5) $5,500 net mineral acre signing bonus (if less than 80% of Dogwood Homeowners lease to Twin Cities)

We have until July 14th to sign, or else -- what? That's my concern, or else forced pooling? Granted, I only have a normal sized lot, probably around 1/4 acre, but on principle, I don't like being pushed, having Twin Cities manipulate neighbor against neighbor, etc., creating a false sense of urgency, all of that. Plus, if I sign, I want to sign a lease directly with the O & G company, and not with the go between developer. Am I being unrealistic? I am willing to risk going without a bonus check on principle, not that I readily turn down a couple of thousand dollars every day, but this pressure being put on us makes me very suspicious of everyone in that business.
Hmm, To me does not sound as good as it should be. Seems the average is getting closer to 12-14k per acre and even higher. Just today I got an offer for 5500.00 and 20% right out of the box.First offer. But if the subdivision is happy and they sign, Good for them.

I wanted to clarify, and hopefully not sound preachy.

Dogwood's HOA approached Twin Cities and asked for a better deal with a high percentage of home owners. They were told if they could do so in a time period that it would be acceptable they would receive a better offer. They weren't 'pushed' into a time setting, it just isn't feasible to have an open-ended offer thats good forever for such a large group of homeowners.
This just in. Cannot verify this, but was told that in Ajax area, (No. Natchitoches Parish)some land was leased today for $10,000.00 per acre. Getting closer boys.
Do you know the company doing the leasing? Will you be able to verify the rumor?
Cannot give details as I don't know any. Will find out what I can and post.
I live near this area can you be more specific?
Got a letter in the mail today from company in Fort Worth offering 5500.00 and 20%. So things are heating up in the Greenwood area. Not bad for the first offer from this company. I know already people have got 10000.00 plus per acre in the greenwood area.
In the area of TWN 17 RGE 15 SEC 30


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