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$$$$$ Your Area & Your Lease offers As of July 14th $$$$$$ moving froward

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My section is 15 T19N R13W. Have had no offers.....
I'm in T 19N - 15W - Section 28 near blanchard and am curious what typical offers are right now.
Coonman, I could not get this posted in the right place but Roc Cosper is the same landman that I am dealing with! He seems really polite and easy to deal with. 361 is his area code to the phone that he calls me from. I always thought that his name sounded like it was made-up. :) Another guy from XTO called me last week, Mike, but I have not called them back yet. Good Luck in your leasing and I am glad that you might be getting somewhere with the companies!
I would like to get Roc's number if one of you guys have it.

sent you an email
I got it. Thanks for the helpful information, Coonman. What do you think of the $20,000 offer?

I would take it... you got to draw the line somewhere right?
I agree wholeheartedly with you. I could definitely recommend to our group to "do the deal" on $20,000 an acre. If any of you landmen are reading this----------------call me!!!
A representative from Chesapeak is going to attend a meeting of landowners Wed July 16, 5:30p.m. at Angel's Touch Singles Ministry Building, 1716 E. McKinley Ave., Haughton, LA (located behing Haughton HS).

For more info contact Bonnie Mathes @ 318-617-6902.
do you have any phone numbers and names of companies leasing in the "Shale"? living in texas makes it more difficult to know or see what's going on in the area where our family's land is. please send this info to me asap. we only had one company to contact us and that was costal.
There is a discussion on here called "Companies" and I think there are a lot of contact numbers there.
how do i find that discussion (companies)?


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