Cedar Grove: Exploration Company Hurries to Get Property Owners to Sign


Just read this on KTBS - I hope Cedar Grove residents don't fall for these tactics.

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just a thought- I to agree that people should educate themselves about something that surely will effect them. I too hope that the citizens that own property in Cedar Grove have at least had some of the more educated , community oriented, business men come in and help their fellow people to understand what they they are sitting on. In my neighborhood ( in the country ) we have one very poor black famiely that happen to live right next door to me. His home doesnt even seem to have elect. and looks like it could fall down any moment. I understood that some one dishonest could take advantage of him , so I went and explained everything to him , now if he allows them to rob him then its his own affair. My only problem with the post thus far is this. What makes it more wrong to rob Cedar Grove, then the uneducated farmers and early leasers that got robbed? All we need is the NAACP getting invouled . I think we should all attempt to educated the uneducated about the issue, however if its not crimal for everyone else to get ripped because of uneducation , then it isnt crimal for Cedar Grove-- it is a damn shame though!
It is not more wrong to rob the Cedar Grove folks than a poor person in the country. I got involved in all of this to begin with because a neighbor 3 doors down from me who is hispanic got signed for $350.00 per acre the same day the same company offered me $1,500.00 per acre. That was not right and neither is this. That is why I did the first public forum in Stonewall on April 26th, put out fliers in Stonewall and had meetings in my yard, the library, the park and such and still go and speak to various groups to educate people. It is up to those of us who know to help educate those of who do not know. If everyone passed on information to just a few underinformed people wherever they are this would not happen as readily as it does.
Thank you Mark for talking to your rural neighbor. Like you said you told him, now he has to make the choice. My heart goes out to the old country people. My parents came from an area just like the one you described. I know most do not have the internet, but most do have televison and take the paper. The greatest problem I see is that their are many older people that do not know how to read. People talk to your neighbors now, don't wait till the landmen come.
Unfortunately I represent both parties that are being discussed right now. I have reached out to the Black community as well because the main reason they haven't been assaulted yet is due to the fact that they weren't big enough landowners or it was so difficult to find the owners of said property.

I personaly don't feel anymore responcible or indebted to one community or the other. I live right in the middle of both communities and I wouldn't have it any other way. My little old town isn't perfect by any means but its a far cry from what some of you guy's have to deal with on a daily basis. People looking out for people. At the end of the day the only thing different I want to see are the year round christmas trees that "Santa O&G Depth Clause" is bringing to me for the Holidays this year.
Puhhhlease....no one was robbed or is being robbed. A biz man made you an offer. Your either accept it or reject it or study it. No gun to the head. No robbery. The job of each land man is to get a lease signed for AS LITTLE MONEY AS POSSIBLE! Do you buy your groceries from the store selling them for the lowest price or the highest?? If Piggly Wiggly is selling a can of beans for 25 cents and Krogers is selling them for 40 cents, where do you buy them? Its the same freakin thing!! Get the lease for nothing if you can talk them into it without breaking the law.

The base offer for EVERYONE, regardless of color or economic background, is zero dollars and a 12.5% royalty and the standard AAPL lease form. Now, anything above that is due to your hard work/negotiating.

Finally, these folks are getting an offer of $1000 per lot, not per acres. Depending on the lot size, that may be a very good offer! Shoot, Ready, Aim!
Mmmarkkk, this website needs way more posts like yours to combat all of the sad rhetoric on this site! I am so sick of all the "poor me, the oil companies are racist" attitudes. Give me a break. I have seen black landmen around town. Do they "lowball" all of the white & hispanic people that they go and take leases from? As far as quality of life protection on the lease. WHAT the heck does that mean? Have you driven down Line Ave recently? This is so comical.
Cherokee WHO? From what I can tell, they are just trying to take advantage of poor folks. They are just middle-men trying to make a profit out of our ignorance.
I agree with you Mark--not about anything but business--simple as that
Seems like a lot of emotion flying around. What is needed are facts. I agree that we need to educate all citizens to as many aspects of the HS play as possible so we can make informed decisions. The right to decide still belongs to the individual after facts are presented.

Implying that racism is a work here is counterproductive. All social strata have been duped with low lease money...old, young, black, white, hispanic, poor, wealthy. Please don't bring that mentality here. It is naive to think that people of color cannot make informed decisions, and to suggest it is demeaning to many.

A well-informed public is the best defense against being used by the O&G fat cats.
Would you say it is a fact that the demographics of Cedar Grove, MLK Jr. neighborhoods are well educated & upper income residents? Would you say it is a fact that the demographics of those neighborhoods are majority or minority % of non-white residents?

I believe that the O&G's know what they're doing, have done the research. Low income are more likely to jump at free money, low income typically have less education & more difficulty comprehending complex lease forms. Low income are highly likely to rent, rather than own, their homes due to difficulty to qualify for a mortgage. If the landlords can make more money by leasing, they will. This is not 100% of those residents, but it is the majority.

I do agree, however, that we should all be looking out for each other no matter where or how well we live.


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