Cajun Exploration doing Siesmic Tests on property in Keithville

Has anyone heard of Cajun Exploration? A representative from this company came by my home yesterday evening trying to get my husband to sign an agreement allowing Chesapeake to come onto his family's property in Keithville to do siesmic tests. I think they were offering a total of $115.00 if he allowed them to do this test. It just seems fishy to me....why would Chesapeake invest in testing property they are not guarenteed to get the mineral leases on? It appears that the only way for this company to get to the property for this test is through my husband property. Does anyone have information or insight???????

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Most oil and gas companies permit the surface owners to protect them in the event someone gets hurt on the property while they are doing the survey. They also agree to pay for any damamges that may be caused by their operations. It is a good thing if you dont own the minerals to sign the permit so at least you can protect your surface.I am not sure how the mineral laws work in Louisiana but I am working for a company that is doing this in Texas and if we have a executed mineral lease or a signed permit from the mineral owner we do not have to have permission from the land owner to cross the property. That is why we try to permit both mineral and surface owners here. In some cases we have had to put a temporary restaining order in the surface owners to do the seismic testing. If they would have signed a permit they would have been paid to cross the surface and the damages repaired but since the refused the got nothing for their surface. And if you own the minerals and surface it is a win win situation for you. Hope this helps
Seismic surveys are kind of like putting a puzzle together in which there are some missing pieces. The more pieces you have the more complete the picture becomes.
It always helps the geologist/geophysicist see the structure at depth. The more pieces you have the better interpretation you can make. I have always looked at geologists and geophysicists as "scientific detectives". I am a geologist who has worked both as geophysicist and geologist.

Anyone who wants to can do geophysical surveys of any kind on my land in Webster Parish and Columbia County may do so at any time.
I have worked on geophsical surveys covering several counties. Our clients leased some of the land but not all. In my 5 years in that business I worked in 5 states.
We signed some paperwork for this Siesmic testing. I was concerned because they asked for a social security number. The paperwork looks legit. I wasn't home at the time to ask questions. We are getting $37 for our 1.43 acrea.


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