Heard a rumor from someone close to the industry that workers were being pulled off Barnett to work Haynesville. Has anyone else heard this? If they are, what does this mean?

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hadn't heard
I haven't heard this, but it would make sense. Are you talking about folks on the land and leasing side, or the actual drilling side? I have heard of constant complaints about lack of experienced land personnel, but also know several companies have made public statements about pulling rigs (and thus crews) from other shale areas to crank up the drilling here in NWLA.
My understanding was the drilling side. If so, does this indicate the level of enthusiam for haynesville or is it more of a pragmatic decision since Barnett is more defined and established?
It sounds as though these O&Gs companies have too many "plays" across the country and too little P&E to do the ground work that will produce the $$$$ they are promising (at this time). My good friend in Junction City, Arkansas (Louisiana)...he owns huge parcels of land in both...told me that the O&Gs are trying to buy up rigs from China to export. I guess their planning phase got tremendously outpaced by their "grow the company/stock price-wise" phase. One more tidbit...My neighbor works for the IP Plant in NWLa. He says IP is paying megabucks for welders, etc. right now because they cannot find the skilled labor to meet the labor requirements of both the O&Gs and NWLa.
When I say P&E...meant plant and equipment.
heard one company was moving rigs 300 miles to participate in play. also it has been publicized that they are are building rigs to come in.
one month later, the local media reports...

Thirteen drilling rigs are on order to tackle exploration of the Haynesville Shale in northwest Louisiana and east Texas. Nomac Drilling LLC, a subsidiary of Chesapeake Energy Corp., the leading company in development of the natural gas reserve, has completed the order
13 brand new rigs ? Sounds like they have been hatching a plan.
13 brand new rigs has been built!!!

All rigs will be able to drill to more than 17,000 feet deep to meet Chesapeake Energy's requirements to develop the shale area. Nomac's regional office in Marshall, Texas, will direct the new rigs .


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