We have four acres in Elm Grove and have had an offer of $15,000.00 acre. How do we go about negotiations?

I don't want to be greedy and yet I don't want to be ripped off either. Does anyone know what price we should be looking at to aim for?

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Run away from the landman !!!! Please find a group to join in your area , fast.
There is no group for us to join. We live out in the country with no nieghbors at all. The Haughton group is the closest but we don,t fall in the same Section or Township.
Where are you located ?

If you can't find anyone right next to you that would be able to help , then we at SWAMO would love to have you on board. We are having a meeting Thursday night at Doyline High at 6:30 p.m. We do have members from other areas even tho we are South Webster. We are a no fee no % group that believe in the powers of the group mentality and standing firm for fair treatment.
His Majesty Earl will be at my meeting singing his newest release!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks alot now I am really confused!!!
Don't listen to anything Remohes has to say. He has done nothing but spread bad information on this site. He probably wants to buy your minerals. On that subject, if anyone tries to outright buy your minerals instead of leasing them. RUN.
Jane, if you are in 28-16N-11W you are 3 miles due South of the Petrohawk Monster Well.
yes, that is exactly where we are.
I read it from your other question.
Sorry it is getting late I am not usually this slow. LOL I learned that from my daughter. That is the only one I know so dont worry.
Anyway it was beginning to seem like we were in some kind of bubble or something because land was leasing all around us and we hadnt heard a thing until I got on the horn and started things going. Even the land guy was quiet amazed that nobody had contacted us along time ago.
Hello Ms. Jane , I left you the info about our meeting on your home page.
Thank you I will be there.


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