We should invite the big O&G companies to a meeting to make offers and get them to bid against each other?!?! Is that even a possiblity?

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What a great idea!
Never gonna happen! They have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with us "little guys". That is why they hire all of these landmen, (previously used car salesmen) to talk to us!!
Maybe not for a few of us little guys.... but if we as a group say the group that met at southwood invited the land guys??? I have heard of it happening but then again don't really know what to believe... I have heard so many different stories!
That's what attorneys are doing. Gathering large acreage and then putting it up for bids from the Oil and Gas co's like you would the timber co's.
The lawyers are just trying to flip it to the brokers and get a cut of your royalties. And you think that we are the dogs.....
I don't think you "are the dogs".... I am just saying groups do need a pointman and it is fair for that "man" "dog" whatever term you choose to use to receive and does deserve compensation.... nobody does anything for free, we are not communists....however I was just putting out the idea... which surely is not original that groups should have meetings and invite the leasemen or O&G men, dogs, businessmen (you can choose your personal fave) to bid against each other?


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