For about the last week I have been hearing phrases like "all offers are off the table"," We are not signing anything right now."." They got an e-mail telling the to stop signing anything til further notice", "Cheaspeake is pulling there people out and concentrating on other area>" What actual real facts do we have? Anyone have any contact, calls, contract offers the last couple days? Any FACTS one way or the other?

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Any info as to where this offer was?
I am wondering if the large o/g companies think that since the lease cost are pretty high now, they can pull back for a while. They really don't have to worry too much about the smaller companies coming in and getting people to sign. The smaller companies are not going to offer $20K plus, because they don't have the capital and the l/O are not going to settle for small leases. Therefore, the large o/g can just sit tight and let some time go by, because they have enough land to drill on right now.
Just drill what ya got and quit complaining. When you need some land you'll be knocking on my door.
From anoyher thread
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Supposedly Petrohawk has backed out of Emberwood & Dixie Garden Subdivisions in Shreveport? Can anyone confirm this? Why did they back out? Have they backed out of any other areas?

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I posted in the DeSoto Parish Group that today I had spoken to the Petrohawk landman I have been negotiating with. I told him that I had heard rumors of Petrohawk pulling out of some areas. He said that "things changed" about a week ago and that Petrohawk is currently only interested in leasing in sections where PK already has at least 160 acres under lease. That PK wants to be able to concentrate their leasing efforts on sections where they may be able to be the operator.
I think that this is one of the reasons why it is so important for landowners, that are interested in leasing, to try and find several o/g companies that may be interested in their mineral rights.

My section has been lucky enough to have 5 different larger companies that were interested in submitting competitive offers. If you are negotiating your own lease or have someone negotiating for you, contact every reputable o/g company you can. All they can say is "Not interested".
Well has anyone heard about the offers from the Ron Black Group. I thought today was the day we would know about the lease offfer.
AUGUST 22 ROSE b1........
Do you know why they changed the date? It was set for August 15 .
There were two different dates originally because of additional people coming on board.
How much does Ron Black get?? Just curious. Because he is not an agent of a company, I was just wondering what the landowners were having to pay to get an offer through him.
We (our family members) received an Agreement for Services with the Ron Black group. We chose not to sign. He was going to get 6%. I did receive an e-mail from a family member on 8/13 who received info from another person (names were provided, I guess this is still heresay - don't shoot me, just passing along) that Ron Black had put together a group whose acreage totalled over 1500 acres. They had put the offer to o/g companies and not one offer was received.
I have been told this exact thing from CHK directly. 1st discussion the Landman told me that he would work up a deal for me and call back with the figure that same afternoon. I did not hear back from him until the next day. I initiated the call back to him and he stated that he had the deal all worked up and sent it to CHK headquarters and said he recieved a call shortly afterward ordering him to quote" pull out of the area" that was my last contact with CHK. I was then told by a co-worker who lives approx. 300 yards away from my house that he had recieved an offer the following week and we both had talked with the excact same Landman. This landman was referred to me after contacting CHK directly. I am still trying to make since of this one. The area I am referring to is STONEWALL t14 r14 s5. ?????????????????????????


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