So is Benton the make or break line on the north side of the Haynesville Shale for economically profitable acreage? Will middle Bossier Parish see some good wells or will this most likely be confined to south Bossier?

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According to the guy at MyOilPro, anywhere north of Benton might be too far north, but there is no official map of the shale and no one knows the definite size yet. Companies aren't really looking that far north yet.
IOW, it's too soon to answer that question.
Samson and J-W both drilled dry holes right at Benton, so that's a pretty good indication that the shale thins out right around there.

Guess that leaves us out of the picture then. Our family's 75 acres is north of Benton. We could really benefit from a decent lease.
What about property between Vancville and Kingston Road (4 miles south of I-220 on Airline Drive)
T19N - R13W
I have property in 19 and 20, 17n, 12w. Is this the part of Sligo that you think might be a thinner section. I also have small acreage in 34, 17n, 12 w. What is your opionion of this area?
What about 2-3 miles north of I-220 off of Swan Lake Road and off of Benton Road?
Does anyone know of any data indicating that T17N-R11W is a prospective area?
Where can I find a township map? That seems to be the magic "lingo" in describing where you live to one of these companies. I've dug through all of my mortgage paperwork, but the legal description says nothing of township. HELP!
The courthouse would have the legal description of your land. They usually charge for copies, though.
How about the tax assessor in the area? Sometimes they will send you statement copies for free which usually provides the legal description.
To find your township, range, and section, go to the Tax Assessor's Office on 2nd floor of courthouse and ask them to write it down for you. (no charge for any print outs they give you) Then go to Police Jury (1st floor) and ask for a parish map including townships, range, and section. The maps are free. You can also get parish maps which include the township, range, and section at the DOTD but they will charge you there. (small fee about $2-$3) Police Jury is your best bet. Hope this helps.
Does anyone know about any activity on the cycle plant road just east of Benton? I know some leased land a couple of years ago and was just wondering if this is in the shale or is it too far north.


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