Can a vertical well be drilled and produce and within a month or so a horizontal well be brought in a drilled in that same exact spot. If so, is a new permit required?

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Hey Rick and others,

Does the proximity of an existing gas supply line and/or the nearness of abutting sections play a part in the location of a drilling site or does just the geological data determine where a well will be located?

Near us, a well was drilled 1000' inside the corner of a section (placing it very close to 3 other sections, plus a 30 year old gas pipeline is about 1500' from the well in one of the adjoining sections.

Thanks for any responses...... Pop
I went to CHK site in south caddo, the ten acre pad is on a section line. In one section they are drilling 4 horizontals from one pad and a mirror image of hte rig will be 100 feet away in the other section wher they are going to drill four wells in that section.
The well you speak of has a concentration of poison gas. The derrick was called in to deal with this issue. From what a man on the site said, it is common practice when this gas is discovered.


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