How long do they have to post the results? On sonris under org Id and down below the officers names, there is a red flag about civil fine has been issued. what does this mean?

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Never mind. I now see the discussion in the comments section on your page and JimKrow's page.
No offense to DeSotoDude, but will you own up to your own inaccurate postings on the Messenger (hasn't drilled 10' into the good earth)?
Does anyone else know about this 6mmcfd & 300' of shale? If true, when would this be confirmed?
Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping for this to be true but read what Jay had to say on "Ask Jay the Geologist". I think we need more facts before we get too excited about this.
Comment by ShaleGeo 1 hour ago
I think it is a rumor. Considering the Caddo parish wells are 200' thick and the Red River parish wells are 100' thick I play the rumor card. I don't think you will know thickness real soon but if they start permitting horizontals around it that should tell us they like what they have.
Jay Comment by Diane N2.ASH 1 hour ago
What do you think about the 300' deep shale rumor at the Messenger well? Could it be true and how/when will we know?
Diane, I suggest you post this question directly to ShaleGeo (Jay) since he has the most expertise on geology and net thickness versus gross thickness.
DeSoto Dude,
Could you school me again and provide the Sec; Township, and Range of the Messenger Well.
Shelby, Section 8-T10N-R9W
Thanks Les B
This well was drilled (vertical) to over 14,100 feet. The Haynesville Shale is estimated to be between 10,000 and 13,500 feet with an average depth of 11,500 feet. I would think 14,100 feet would qualify as a deep player? Maybe I just don't get it, then I'm not Yougee the bear either. All I can tell you is this, If I had land close to this well (and I do) The Hawgs are gonna pay for rooting in my yard!!!


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