To whomever keeps taking our signs down at the entrance of Smithwood Subdivision in Minden , I would love to purchase back those signs for 1/2 of what I paid for them the first time.If you are as stupid as I think you are , please leave your name and number and I will get to you as soon as is humanly possible.Thanks , Hope to see you real soon!

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The name is Mr. U.R. Stuck
Phone - BR5429
Good evening Mr. U Suck.
If its Natural gas, I hope I do!!!!!!!!!
The gall that someone would have to steal SWAMO signs!!!!! Let's not forget the commandment "thou shalt not steal."

Are we children or adults here? Shame on you. Is this really what you would want your children to learn? What kind of example does that set?
It's not me first off. But is it possible that that subdivision doesn't want the signs up? I know in Shreveport there is an actual ordinance against putting out your own signs. Doesn't stop anybody of course but they could be ticketed for it. Maybe that subdivision doesn't allow signs. Just a thought.
This happened to the East 80 Coalition a couple of weeks ago. Someone from our group witnessed two men taking them down in front of the Tall Timbers Subdivison and took down their license plate number. Our coalition president and vice- president paid for these signs and no one has any right to take them down. We would not have taken their signs down. Everyone has a right to make their own choice and I am sure it was the landmen who are afraid they will lose out on their big payday from Chesapeake.
Wonder if it's the same men??????
These signs aren't in the subdivision. They are on HWY 80 outside of the entrance. I really doesn't matter. I think we may just forget the signs and stand out there handing out fliers instead. Wonder if we would get kidnapped or something ? We do have plenty of signs and will continue to put them out. The more they take , the more it will cost them when they are caught. It's just a shame thay people are so against others trying to do well for themselves and their families.
How close to the Hwy were the signs placed? Were there any other signs in the area?
The signs were are about 12-15 feet away from the highway or more....I'm not good with guessing feet but I had to walk quite a distance. Some of them were by the stop sign. Also 2 more signs have dissappeard from 2 different locations. Some of the signs were about 60 feet away from the subdivision entrance on down the highway.
I believe it is against the law to post signs on state and federal highways. It is also against most subdivision ordinances to post signs in subdivisions. So no matter where you put them, they didn't belong, no matter who paid for them.
Webster parish passed an ordinence recently that it was against the law to REMOVE the signs........evidentally comes with a steep fine if you get caught taking them. But if it against the law to put them out then I guess the parish if covered both ways?


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