A happy day for America A sad Day for Democracy and Capitalism

I know this will probably get deleted and My Profile may also but here you go. Today was a triumph for some and a slap in the face for others. I am so sad that america has chosen this path that are for fathers faught so hard to protect. We have been lied to as american people. Democracy and capitalsim must come to an end. This may not be the end but a chapter in the book of History of this great nation. My Faith is in god, that he will not unleash anything we cant handle. This is the tourning point of what many of us know as normal. America is about to experience change, change that many of us want and many us dont. I dont understand the change, and I think none of us do. There is an empty spot inside of me with today with questions spinning around it. I just dont understand america, I just dont understand. He told you it was about to change, every time you read his name it was "CHANGE". I can promise you one thing, you may not like the change but he was honest, it will change! Yesterday is history as tomorrow is our future and our future will Change. God bless this great country, God Bless Democracy, God Bless Capitalism, God Bless Americam, God bless Barack Hussein Obama, God bless us all.

Bill G

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scope set for what?
Bushnell Elite 3200 2-6x32. I used it @ 6 power to sight in.
dead on at a 100 or what?
Zero @ 75 yds. 1" high @ 50 yds, 2.4" low @ 100 yds. 3.4" from muzzle to 100 yds. Like I said. Flat.
200 yds flat?
200 yds for a pistol is a stretch! I would never attempt it. My muzzleloader is the gun for that. Good for 200 maybe 250 if I can do my part.
Been in the woods since friday after 8 hour trip from FW to SW MS. Internet messed up at my mother's. Finally straightened out today. Passed up 3 bucks and a doe so far. All legal, but the grief factor would have been hard to deal with. Horns have to be outside ears (when flat, not straight up. Doe's body needs to resemble steamer trunk in length. Bucks, cowhorn 4 point and nub buck you could hang a ring on. Doe looked a little small so passed.

Watched a buck this afternoon (45 minutes - 4:45 to 5:30) but do to lighting and my eyes and the 150 yard distance hard to see if horns met family rules.

Haven't used the .44 yet, but am excited about seeing deer. Hoping to see some hogs also. Wood ducks all over us, but they are crafty devils. No mallards, teal or others.
I'm glad somebody is seeing something Duncan. I sat in my blind 3 days and only saw 1 buck ( a big boy) @ 1000 yds. Way too much corn still up! Moisture content is up and price is down so there it sits. Our deer will only come out of the corn during the rut if they're pushed and pushed hard. Hopefully second season will be better in a couple weeks. Send that 150 yarder up here, I have a muzzleloader w/ his name on it.

I'll be bow huntin' and coyote hunting for the next couple of weeks. Good luck and let me know when ya whack one!
Snake, you are correct. My first case of 7.62 was shipped to my front door for $110. Half cases are about the same here. Shameful. This is one reason I reload for all my firearms except the AK and SKS. I haven't heard that about Russia, but that will drive the prices up further.
GD, WOW! My first rabbit story is so similar. Same 3 shells but a 20 ga. single shot ( I was a BIG kid). Except I had to learn to shoot FAST. My Dad and his budies were on their game and there wasn't any charity in the woods.

I too enjoy my AR and the AK's. I do use my CAR-15 for coyote huntin' though. It shoots 3/4" groups at 100 yds. Damn good dog stopper when I don't care to lug the 22-250. That's my sittin' and wait rifle.

Oh, and the dogs? For us it was championship bloodline German Shorthair pointers. Lots of pheasant and quail came acroos our dinner table. But then again my Dad was born and raised in Desoso Parish.
I think that drawing on the top is the truth but thats day one of his second Term, and he is not putting it together but pulling it apart!
He has to put it back together after tearing out the second admendment!



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