just got a letter from Encana for my dad who is deceased...  I have to get a family friend to fill out the form and have it notarized and send it back in with a death certific...


I was told that two wells John Presley 22H-01 and DeSoto Pure Resouces #1 in T15N-R14W

Sec 22.


How are these wells doing guys?


I think she said that one or both have been producing since October... 

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My dad passed away in Dec 09 and my sister and I filed a Affidavit of Heirship at the courthouse because he did not have a Will. not sure what state you are in but i am in Texas.
that is pretty much what the land men need if there are anymore leases out there to be leased.
You may have to file a small estate affidavit to. My sister and i had to do that just to close out ONE checking account. but the heirship was good enough for the others.
Also, you need to send that heirship to everyone who your dad leased to so they will have it on thier records/
Hope this helped
Have a blessed weekend
The Pure Resources well (S/N 228552) is shut-in.

The John Persley 22H (S/N 239853) is Active-Producing.

Click the well S/N above for SONRIS well information and production numbers.
Thanks guys...


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