It is my understanding that Encana plans to simultaneously frack these two wells.

Is anyone aware of whether this simultaneous fracking has been attempted anywhere else (Eagle Ford/Haynesville) in the past? 


Or, is this a first time thing?

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Unit to increase from 922.06 acres to 1242.06 and lateral to be 10080.41


Does anyone know the estimated date that the "fracking" will happen on these two wells? What is the time frame when they will begin division orders if the well is producing?


Fracking was planned for the end of March per  info I received last week. I think the hearing on their petition for the larger unit/longer lateral is not scheduled until the end of March. Will they have to  wait for approval to drill the extended lateral ? I assume this could extend their fracking schedule beyond March. Maybe someone else has an opinion.

Bulldog or Steve, or anyone else for that you happen to know for sure whether or not Goodrich has a working interest in either the 17H or the18H?  I seem to remember an earlier post which indicated that Goodrich may have an interest in the 17H.  Any info would be appreciated.

I know they have interest in the 17H....not sure on 18H.
They have a 15% interest in one at least. Also, I have heard that they will be drilling their own well in a section adjacent to these wells soon.
Correction. Denbury has a 15% interest in leases not goodrich. I do not know if goodrich has an interest.

Word today is that drilling of the 18H well will be completed early this week.

Previously reported fracking of 17H and 18H is scheduled for March 31.  Not sure if they can get it together that fast, but fracking should start in the next week or so, regardless.

EnCana currently at ~9,000' of lateral. They are going to attempt to complete the 10,000' of lateral tonight and tomorrow. Frac date for the 17H & 18H will be mid-April at the earliest.

from the tuscaloosa trend scout report that came out on 4-6-12 but revised on 4-8-12   the anderson 18 h  was going on 83 days of drilling  running  casing at 20,0882 feet word on the ground is that they are getting ready  to frack booth wells at the same time this week it is goiong be very inerting to see the oil boom agian in amite county

Talked to one of the folks working on a project related to the fracking today.  He said they are being told the fracking will start on Friday and are working with that in mind. 

Saw several trucks of oilfield equipment go through town today headed that way.

Water pipes are laid out.  Seismic lines are being laid.


All signs seem to confirm...fracking of these two wells should start in a few days.


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