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In America there are 650,000 marginal or "Stripper" Oil & Gas wells, producing 25% of the crude oil and 10% of the natural gas that we use. This crude production is on par of Saudi Arabia.

Does Obama want to shut these stripper wells down and let us sit, twidling our thumbs, for the next 7 to 10 years, waiting for the government to prefect "Cold Fusion" or something similar?

Maybe he has access to an unknown new country, like Saudi, that will sipply us the missing 25% of our oil needs, we now produce through stripper wells.

Refining and using our own oil, that already here, is cheaper and better than hauling crude halfway around the world. The money goes into American pockets rather than foreign pockets.
With all due respect, I'm not here to pick and choose. I think everybody that pays taxes could use a freakin tax break.

Are the Exxons going to eat the extra taxes or are you going to eat them at the pump ?
It just seems silly to even think that the big O&G's are going to suffer through paying even more then they may or may not have been paying up until this point.

FYI......When gas hit $4 a gallon, the Exxon Mobils actually recorded record takes. I believe it was around $9,000,000,000 extra , one quarter in particular. Yes that is small change to this current admin but thats a heep of money that they profited from at the expense of our backsides. If the tax burden is increased they will simply tack that on too. Heck, it probably jumped $.15 a gallon just while they were thinking about the possibilities of it going up.

In closing, lest we all forget.........If I receive a tax "Break", I am getting some of "MY" money back. Quit trying to make that sound so freakin dirty! If you are comfortable with higher taxes, sit down and right a check for yours and mine. If you and your pals are doing well enough, write an extra check for some of the others that are tired of the "Taxation without representation"!
Tell the government to do what most normal people do when things get tight. Tighten up your belt a notch or two and curb excessive spending. Dont go on a spending spree with someone elses money for Petes sake and quit freakin blowing money like you got a printing press!.......Oh yea, they do have a printing press.(chuckle,chuckle) My bad!


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