Anyone know who owns this house? I'm just curious because I heard that it was a guy who invented a certain type of drill bit for oil and gas companies. I don't have to know the exact name but I am curious to know if anyone knows the story.

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I did hear it was a young family and that he was involved in the Oil and Gas industry. That house looks like it should be in the South of France not in the middle of a hay field.
Yeah. It has to be at least 10,000sqft. I had assumed it was Hal Sutton's new house.
I think he is a Roberts one of the Crystal Oil owners.
His name is Richard Robert's, the house is about 15,000 square feet. He is the owner of valveworks, they make specialty non-corrosive valves mostly for applications in a certain country in South America. He is a smart businessman as anyone can see and a nice guy, one tip, don't play the guy in pool if there is any money on the line, lol.
Is he related to the Crystal Oil Roberts clan?
Yes he is.

Mark? The Roberts that took Crystal down?......Mark Roberts is an only child and not related to Richards Roberts. to know more on Mark Roberts Crystal Oil history. send to email thanks

I have had dealings with Mark Roberts. He is a geologist and I believe he founded Excel. Excel operated several Tokio wells on our place in Shongaloo. He is son of Robert F. Roberts. Excel wound up in bankruptcy and Crystal did also. I paid a price for that, Thanks to  my attorney. And, yes Robert F. was head of Crystal.


I am currently operating one of Excels abandoned wells. At least I was able to get all leases extinguished on our land due to 90 days of no production.Best thing I ever did to cancel 1950's leases.

If he is a geologist then I'm POTUS.  Robert F. started Excel.  Sorry to hear you had to pay a price but send me an email so we might further compare notes. Also be interested to know the name of your attorney.

email address:


Thanks for the information. I'm happy for the guy. He seems to be doing very well.


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