Is it me or has the area for Bossier shale grown? I don't remember it covering this much area. The "fairway" of the bossier shale makes an abrupt halt at the North La Salt Basin when I look at Comstock's map and compare it to Petrohawk's map. If its old news, I apologize.

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I was told that harrison county was not in the core it at the edge of the core around scottsville at hwy 43
Maybe one of the pros on here can give his input. Last week's presentation also had a Louisiana Core slide. Here it is.

Can you be a little more specific? What depths? How prolific? 50% of HA? Will it have to be drilled with horizontal wells, similar to HA? Thanks.
How far North does it seem to go?
A birdie told me it was further to the south than ours.
We are in 17n 15 w next to the Herold well.

Where did you get the map? I want to look at it in more detail but can't expand it from the map here.
Glenn, check the Petrohawk presentation.
Lake, I assume you are referring to the Mid/Upper Bossier Shale play. Keep in mind the Haynesville Shale is also called the Bossier Shale (Lower Bossier Shale) in Texas. The dotted outline on the map you posted represents Petrohawk's view of the Mid/Upper Bossier Shale play. This formation has been drilled and tested by EnCana in Red River Parish and Comstock in DeSoto Parish. EnCana has stated over some portions of its acreage the Mid-Bossier Shale has the same potential gas resource as the Haynesville Shale and will require separate horizontal wells to develop.
Yes, I was. Do you see the Mid/Upper shale play expanding to the east like the Haynesville?

Thanks Les

I like this map, but it will be interesting to see a similar map by ECA and Chesapeake.
Yep, it should be.

I'm just dreaming in the rain! lol
Since natural gas prices are dropping, where does this leave landowners?
Is Exxon-Mobil pulling out?



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