I thought I would  give you the details of our meeting with BP.  First, we thought that Pushpa was a key person and someone with authority.  Well, Pushpa is a clerk.  She sent out the checks without a Division order.  I guess she just guessed at the percentages?  She said she would get the checks corrected with the next check at the end of April.  We are still waiting for the Division letter???

We are just spinning and wondering what they are going to do next.

So, here we are and cannot get a good answer to all of our questions.  The attorney is supposed to be getting it straightened out..….who knows?  My uncle is the key person in our 10 person family group.  All correspondence goes thru him and then he sends out an email to update us.  He is very frustrated with the attorney and hates to change right now because it will delay the process.

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