005-30408  Dino Gas Unit #1HB

005-30428  Gasosaurus Gas Unit #4HB

005-30430  Allosaurus Gas Unit #3H

005-30431  Allosaurus Gas Unit #3HB

005-30432  Denali Gas Unit #3H

005-30433  Denali Gas Unit #3HB

005-30434  Ttops Gas Unit #2H

005-30435  Ttops Gas Unit #2HB

005-30436  Rockies Gas Unit #4HB


005-30417  TRex Gas Unit #2H              Nabors rig B14

005-30418  TRex Gas Unit #2HB            Nabors rig B14

005-30419  Velo Gas Unit #1HB             Nabors rig X07

005-30420  Velo Gas Unit #1H                Nabors rig X07

005-30423  Titan Gas Unit #2HR            Nabors rig B15

005-30429  Titan Gas Unit #2HB            Nabors rig B15

005-30426  Dracorex Gas Unit #2H        Sidewinder rig 102

005-30427  Dracorex Gas Unit #2HB      Sidewinder rig 102

Waiting on Completion

005-30411  Dino Gas Unit #2H

005-30412  Dino Gas Unit #2HB

005-30421  Stego Gas Unit Allocation #1H

005-30425  TRex Gas Unit #3HB           

Completed, Selling gas - waiting on IP report


Completed, Reported, Selling Gas             

005-30388  S.W.Henderson Hay GU #1H (Goodrich)

IP - 19.633, 22/64, 8922# FCP

005-30392  ACLCO Hay GU (Alloc) #1H (Goodrich)

IP -   8.229, 21/64, 6400# FCP

005-30394  Sarge Unit #1HR (EOG)

IP - 16.190, 19/64, 9915# FCP

005-30398  ACLCO Hay GU 2 #1H (Goodrich)

IP -   6.018, 10/64, 11500# FCP

005-30406  TRex Gas Unit #1H

IP - 12.880, 16.5/64, 11015# FCP

005-30407  Dino Gas Unit #1H

IP - 13.915, 25.5/64, 10352# FCP

005-30409  Saber Gas Unit #1H

IP - 13.319, 15/64, 10672# FCP

005-30410  Saber Gas Unit #1HB

IP - 12.580, 16.5/64, 9976# FCP

005-30413  Utahraptor Gas Unit #1H

IP - 15.776, 14/64, 10863# FCP

005-30414  Utahraptor Gas Unit #1HB

IP - 14.276, 16.2/64, 10896# FCP

005-30415  Gasosaurus Gas Unit #1H

IP - 10.208, 14/64, 11793# FCP

005-30416  Rockies Gas Unit #1H

IP -   9.959, 13/64, 12622# FCP

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Replies to This Discussion

Thanks for posting the current map......DCT

jffree would you know where I could get plat maps for Draco and T tops wells

thanks in advance

jack S

Here you go. I'll put the last one in a separate reply.


Last one.


Has there been any new production numbers from some of the wells that have been completed lately?  I know that they have been working on completing the Velo and Titan units in the last few weeks, lots of traffic and noise from these 2 wells.

Latest data posted to Tx RRC will be August numbers. This info runs about two months behind so recent October efforts may be "seen" in December / January filings.

Always tough waiting on this info.  

There was nothing reported from either of those units for the month of August. Like you said... it will be Dec/Jan before we see anything if they are completing now. Stego #1H is the only new IP report I've seen this month and it was completed in July.

Thanks for the replies, I am still learning to navigate the RRC site and look at all of the numbers after finding the right number to put in after they start producing.  The well that will be drilled that I am a part of will be next year it looks like, but like Rock Man says it is tough waiting.  I am just wanting to see the numbers for the wells around me, since the Hay and Sarge have produced so good.  It looks like being in the Angelina River Trend is a good spot to be in and having a major player like BP is a good thing.

Totally agree as to your comments as to location and BP as operator here. Expensive drilling but BOP has "figured it out" here and should get some consistency in well results and ultimate production.

Do you know where to find pending production by operator? That's where you will see the first production reports on a new BP well.

Use the second query box on this query page. Click the pending button. BP operator number is 040798. Set  the district to 6. Then set the month. It has to be set at least 2 months prior to the current month to get any pending reports... otherwise you get 'no results'. Year is always set on current but you can change it to see earlier reports. BP always reports on the 1st of the month. This query will pull up all wells reported that have a pending status (meaning there is no lease ID # assigned to the well yet). Once there is a Lease ID # assigned then production will no longer be found here on following months.

Thank you, I did not know about searching like this.  This will help in a few months when the wells next to me start producing.  It seems to me that they are fracking 3 wells at a time over here and I figure that saves quite a bit of money having everything done at one time on multiple wells without moving equipment around needlessly.  

Sod Holder,

BP is currently permitting a new Gas Well just east of the Titan Gas Unit. BP has some unique well naming terminology and this new Gas Well is called the Vulcanodon Gas Unit. The permit is currently in Engineering. Check the link that I provided below and look at the plat. The well may include your property (if leased) or be very close to your acreage.

Vulcanodon Link


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