Not sure who on here is in my section in red river parish section 25 10w 14N but the five new wells were put on line July 1st 2023! We went down and talked to the guys working out there . I’m
Not sure why sonrise has not been updated . Hope that helps if anyone was asking about them .

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Thanks, Lisa.  Tellurian will get around to reporting the wells complete to the state eventually.  The SONRIS Scout reports show the plugs drilled out back in March.  There is no rush on the part of operators to report wells turned to sales.  Seeing as how front end loaded HA wells are and the current price of natural gas, there's little reason to get too excited.  Royalty payments should reflect the new production in September or October.

Yes, the prices are sad . Thank you as always for your info .
I had started getting calls from Landman wanting to buy my minerals and that’s how I found out the wells were online . So I drove down to Hall Summit to see what was going on and got lucky and a crew was at the well site . They were super nice and told me they had gone online July 1st.

Thanks Lisa, we never know what's going on in our backdoor unless someone tells us. This site is a blessing. 


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