Thanks to Joe Lovelace for bringing this to the members' attention.  Much of the brine leases in south Arkansas were taken years ago when the demand and value of the by products was considerably less than currently.  Although there are other by products of worth, Lithium is the focus of efforts to increase brine extraction.  Help get the word out and provide some details to help members get up to speed.

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Understand I've signed nothing and agree with you Skip the lease has many pitfalls even if the bonus and royalty demands I made were met.  Cass County is becoming the "brine" wild, wild west.

For those who are following Brine Lease activity in Cass County, Cass County Brine, LLC has filed with the Cass County Clerk several Memorandum of Option to Purchase a Brine Lease. You can search Online at the following link and entering Cass County Brine in the party name

Good advise, Joe.  Thanks.

For the benefit of the group, my research shows Cass County Brine LLC is registered in the State of Texas as a foreign limited liability company with its principal office in Vancouver, British Columbia.  A March 2022 SEC filing by Standard Lithium states, "On July 19, 2021 Company (Standard Lithium) incorporated its wholly owned subsidiary 1093905 LLC in the State of Delaware and subsequently changed its name to Cass County Brine LLC on December 16, 2021.

No surprise seeing Canadian entities heading to US for rare minerals!

Look under "projects" on link below - Arkansas.

Cass Co just an extension of the trend.

Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI)

For those in Texas following "Brine Leases" for direct lithium extraction, HB 1318 filed in the current Texas Legislative Session appears to grant permitting authority to the Texas Railroad Commission.  Bill progress can be followed at Texas Legislature Online


Thanks, Joe.


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