Does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonably priced attorney to provide a useful Exhibit A to a lease for a small amount of land—less than one acre in the Caddo Parish urban area?

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fred, I suggest Davidson Summers APLC in Shreveport.  It shouldn't cost more than a couple of hundred dollars for an Exhibit A that meets your priorities.  Any of the attorneys at the firm are capable of assisting you.  Oil & Gas and Mineral law are a focus fn the firm.  They are well known by all the Haynesville operating companies.

Yes you are right great firm, highly recommended 

Gary, anyone in particular in the firm that you have had a good experience with?

Well Fred it has been several years and I would have to go back and look in my records, I practiced law too at that time and it was a client that picked and put me onto them and had me, as the families' regular attorney kinda oversee the whole transaction but like Skip said I think that just about anyone in that firm is really good, I remember being  impressed at the time about there professional approach and reasonableness in cost. Wish I could tell you more but I don't think you would go wrong using them.


Any of the Davidson Summers attorneys can handle this.  The firm has done many hundreds of O&G lease Exhibit A's during the fifteen years I've been associated with the firm.  If you want a point of contact, Grant Summers is the senior partner.  He will assign the work to the appropriate attorney.

BTW, I only have mineral rights for these small properties, no surface rights. I would suppose that the Exhibit A would be somewhat truncated.

I have had three experiences with Davidson Summers ETC.  The first was about 12 years ago on a pipeline ROW and it went well.  I have since had two experiences with this firm which were absolute disasters.  I would suggest that you read my post entitled Caveat Emptor.  I still don't know what happened as their reputation was good but they ended up costing myself and my cousins' LLC thousands of dollars in royalties, ROW payments,  valve site easements in addition to a couple of thousand in legal fees through delays, lack of attention, etc.  I chose them on the basis of their reputation on this website and if you decide to use them, I hope you have a much better outcome than I. 

They represented our family LLC on oil and gas issues and after paying them tens of thousands of dollars decided they had a conflict of interest and dropped us.  Before accepting a case, most law firms check to see if there are conflicts.  Anyway it left a sour taste in my mouth.  If you want an alternative or second opinion, Bethard & Bethard Firm in Coushatta or Shreveport has represented many landowners for legal oil and gas issues.  

Thanks for your input. I’ll check your suggested post.


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