we had a well drilled in Lincoln parish and it didn't produce the pressure they needed.  Well was pulled and abandoned in '09.  Here is a link to the satellite view of the property.  Can someone tell me if this is how a wellpad is to be left after the company is finished?

Lincoln wellpad

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Most operators will fill in the pit and remove the stone, unless it is in the damages they will not plant trees or grass.

Also it may depend on language of the Pad Site ROW-Damage Agreement sign by Surface Owner before pad site build.

we have a company wanting to run a pipeline across the property.  What are the pros and cons 

dan--- many threads on this GHS site about pipelines ROW-- just fill in the search on site---lots to read. In general if it does not affect the usage site on your property and you get the right ROW agreement it's a excellent source of good one time money. If they want to go across old pad site then that even better.


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